Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TB's Life Update

Mommy was in a Christmas card swap this past year and we got a very nice card from chewy.

The best part was the pawtrait of me! Take a look...great job, chewy!!! Thank you. I would have posted this earlier, but we just got the card a week or so ago (because we moved, I think) and mommy lost the cable thingy for her digital camera, so she couldn't help me get it on the computer.

Enough is the masterpiece!

It looks just like me!!! And the shirt, because I am a SuperStar! Mommy framed the pawtrait for me.

Other stuff...I miss Grandma and I want to see Charlie again. He is getting so big and learning new things every day. Look at my cute cousin! He is a very happy baby.
Lucky for mommy, there is a Christening on Feb. 15th, so we'll be going to that.

Chillicoffee, it's chilly! I'm turning into a polar bear! Brrrrrr.

2 comments for TB:

Debbie's Bears said...

From all your cousins to you TB. *BEAR HUGS AND LOVE*

Sir Woodstock said...

Good Afternoon!

I'm a new bear on the blog block and would like to introduce my self - Sir Woodstock, Woodstock to my friends and I hail from Jolly old England.

Hope to make your acquaintence.