Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacation stuff

Hello blogging friends! I'm on vacation, but finally got a chance to blog.  Oh my gosh there is so much to say! I started off my vacation in a very bad way.  Somehow, I split open on my backside, my stuffing was ready to fall out, but mommy caught the injury early and grandma sewed me up nicely.  I was terrified.  What a way to start out my vacation!

It got better though! Thanksgiving was fun.  So much yummy food and I got my picture taken with some scarecrows.  (I'll post them when I get back home).  Then me and mommy went home with Aunt Terri, Uncle Jon and Charlie.  We had so much fun.  He is the cutest not-a-bear I have ever seen!

Today we didn't do much.  Mommy and grandma went out to run some errands and then they went to baby-sit Charlie.  I just napped at grandma's.

We'll be home on Monday!

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Debbie's Blog of Life said...

Oh no! I'm so glad to hear your ok TB! *hugs tight* I hope your mommy is ok after that scary moment! Have a safe trip home! Ask your mommy to snap some photos of Bella and I can't wait to see your photos! All worked out for us Thanksgiving. I got to visit with Dylan. So much fun! We made origami ninja stars! Then played video games. He served me egg nog, we had so much fun. Then mom discovered fleas on Penny :( and Angel too. Penny got a bath with flea shampoo. Angel and Penny are going to the vet Tuesday. But we think we got it in time. *shudders* their ugly things. Don't you ever get them! And don't forget to play at Build A Bearville! OMBear! There's so much to do! XD