Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the road again!

Heading off towards Chicago to visit mommy's family for Thanksgiving. We are all packed and ready to go. Our train leaves at 7:30am tomorrow. Mommy told me we are even spending one night with Uncle Jon, Aunt Terri and Charlie! Then as a bonus we are babysitting Charlie on Saturday. I know how excited mommy is!

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Mommy says it's the holiday with the best food, I have to agree. My tummy is rumbling already!

Me, mommy and grandma are going Christmas shopping too. There is a certain present I have picked out for a new little cousin of mine.

Exciting news!!! We're getting a new pet! It's a ferret, named Rascal. I met him last weekend. I can't wait until he comes to live with us!!!

Bye for now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone (bear and not-a-bears) who celebrate it!

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Debbie's Blog of Life said...

Oh boy I love ferrets! Congrats on your new family member coming in. Have a safe trip to Chicago.

Debbie's Blog of Life said...

Hope you both have a good Thanksgiving. My brother's truck broke down this morning. So he won't be here. It's brought us all down. I'm about to head back to bed. I guess it's bad karma. :( Eat lots for us. We've got to wait till next week for food...maybe...