Friday, October 10, 2008

And here we again!

Me and Mommy are going up north tomorrow for a quick little visit. Uncle Jon and Aunt Terri had their baby yesterday. I'm a big cousin to a not-a-bear now! We're taking the train tomorrow and coming back Monday. Mommy is so excited to be an Aunt for the first time to a not-a-bear, she says she loves all her bear nieces and nephews, though! Which reminds me...Zach has been here for FOREVER. I think he secretly moved in!

In other news, Mommy says we won't be seeing Lindsey anymore. I'm really sad about that and I can tell Mommy is too, but Mommy said that Lindsey has some problems that Mommy (and me) can't fix and it's too much for her (and me) to try to handle. I don't like seeing my Mommy so sad, but I didn't like seeing her so frustrated and overwhelmed either. Either way, I hope Lindsey has a Happy Birthday Sunday.

Uh oh, Mommy is eating these peach ring gummy candies and told me to take them away from her, because she can't stop eating them. They are good! Yum. I'm off to go hide the candies. I'll post when we are back from our trip!

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