Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby I can drive YOUR car!

Today was lots of fun. Mommy had two dr's appointments, so Aunt Debbie came over to take her. I went along for the ride. It was really hot and I had a lot of sitting in the car and waiting to do, but mommy made it worth my time and sweat. I got a new red mustang car (not a real one!) and a little stuffed spiderman!
Carly went home with Aunt Debbie (her mommy), so I miss her! At least I have my new toys to play with!
I got to drive today! Aunt Debbie helped a little, but I'm a really good driver! Okay, so I turned on the windshield wipers by accident...but I can drive! I did it once before too in Granny Millie's car. I even have a picture somewhere. Mommy says she'll help me find it and then we can put it on my blog.
Well, mommy got some new medicine to make feel better. So, we'll be going to sleep soon (if everything works). Good night all bears and not-a-bears!

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Debbie's Blog of Life said...

You were such a good driver! hehe we'll do it again sometime! XD I love you TB!