Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. TB's Rain Dance

My poor mommy just isn't getting better. She has to go to work tomorrow. I'm worried about her. I told her to go to bed NOW!

I've been doing the rain dance for daddy since last night. I don't know if it worked were he lives. I'm not used to making it rain so far away. I was dancing my bear butt off! Hopefully, if it didn't rain there today, it will tomorrow. I know he's hot and it's hard for him to work outside (he works at a car wash). It's only going to get hotter later this week, I guess mommy was right, summer isn't over.

Other than that, I'm just being Dr. TB. Giving out medicine and holding the tissue box. All this dancing and taking care of mommy keeps me a very busy bear!

Scrappy is STILL here. *giggle* I don't think he'll ever go home. I love having him around, I think he's going to have to move in with me and mommy! ;) (to Aunt Debbie).

2 comments for TB:

Debbie's Bears said...

You are a great Dr. to your mommy! Keep her rested, keep her spirits up. She needs to keep her job. So showing up tomorrow, letting the people know she's going to try her best. If they send her home then at least she tried to work. Right? Then I think mommy would need to get to a not-a-bear doctor to see what she's got. :( We want her better.

As for he is not moving in! ;) You all had one long sleepover! XD

TB Superstar said...

Awww! Aunt Debbie! You can still visit him, we'll just take care of him from now on!!!

You are right, mommy needs to get to a REAL not-a-bear dr. I do the best I can, but for some reason they don't take my prescriptions for cookies and hugs at WalMart!