Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back home...

Seems like me and mommy have been traveling around forever! It's good to finally be home and sleep in my own bed. Plus, I don't have to worry about getting eaten by a dog! Rascal is living with us now. I don't think he'll eat me. Mommy wants to put him on a diet, he's a little chubby!
The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea...see me sleeping in the background???

It's a yucky day out, kind of rainy and it's going to be snowing. Mommy said we should just nap the day away. I agree, mommy looks really tired. *yawn*

I had a really great Thanksgiving, see...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My 50th post!

Unfortunately, it's not a very happy one. We came out to see Lindsey and mommy found out that Lindsey did something bad behind mommy's back and lied to her. Mommy is very sad and so is Lindsey, but I'm so mad at her!

Other than that, we are having a good time in Chillicoffe with Lisa, David and Brittany. They are nice friends for me and mommy. We are all going to eat pizza now, so I am going to go chow down!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacation stuff

Hello blogging friends! I'm on vacation, but finally got a chance to blog.  Oh my gosh there is so much to say! I started off my vacation in a very bad way.  Somehow, I split open on my backside, my stuffing was ready to fall out, but mommy caught the injury early and grandma sewed me up nicely.  I was terrified.  What a way to start out my vacation!

It got better though! Thanksgiving was fun.  So much yummy food and I got my picture taken with some scarecrows.  (I'll post them when I get back home).  Then me and mommy went home with Aunt Terri, Uncle Jon and Charlie.  We had so much fun.  He is the cutest not-a-bear I have ever seen!

Today we didn't do much.  Mommy and grandma went out to run some errands and then they went to baby-sit Charlie.  I just napped at grandma's.

We'll be home on Monday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the road again!

Heading off towards Chicago to visit mommy's family for Thanksgiving. We are all packed and ready to go. Our train leaves at 7:30am tomorrow. Mommy told me we are even spending one night with Uncle Jon, Aunt Terri and Charlie! Then as a bonus we are babysitting Charlie on Saturday. I know how excited mommy is!

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Mommy says it's the holiday with the best food, I have to agree. My tummy is rumbling already!

Me, mommy and grandma are going Christmas shopping too. There is a certain present I have picked out for a new little cousin of mine.

Exciting news!!! We're getting a new pet! It's a ferret, named Rascal. I met him last weekend. I can't wait until he comes to live with us!!!

Bye for now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone (bear and not-a-bears) who celebrate it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm on vacation...

Kind of. Me and mommy are visiting Lindsey out in Chillicoffe. We're having a good time. I had a good sleep, but other than that I've had to sit on the desk behind the computer monitor. Only cuz there is this crazy puppy that might try to eat me. I want to stay in on piece for the rest of my vacation! We'll be here until Sunday. Then, we go home for a couple days and then we are headed up north for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to have some turkey. Even more, I can't wait to meet, Charlie. I know mommy is really excited too! I'll write more later, since I am so close to the computer!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Mommy was gone all day, I missed her and was so worried. I knew she went to the ER to get herself checked out, because she couldn't breathe this morning. The dr. there told her she has viral bronchitis (I thought that was a dinosaur)! He also told her to get lots of rest, drink lots of liquids and take some medicine. Uhm...yea, I told you I was a doctor!!! (See my other post about sick grandma).

Mommy also went and applied for food stamps. She got them and now we'll get money, so we can have lots of food every month! Yay!

Now I'm making mommy go to bed. She really needs to rest, so we can go see Lindsey on Thursday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yipppeee! Yay! Woo hoo!

Mommy is getting better! Lungs clearing up, stuffy nose and sinuses clearing up. I'm a happy bear now! Also a tired bear, so I'm going to bed!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My poor mommy!

Gosh mommy...would you get better??? I'm tired of taking care of you. Just kidding! I like taking care of you, but this is just been a really bad week for you. I don't like seeing you so miserable. Take my, clear liquids and a bland diet.

We're going to see Charlie soon! Even sooner than that, we're going to see Lindsey (Thursday-Sunday). We can't wait!!!

I've been so busy taking care of mommy. I've been doing some reading and playing with my toys when mommy is sleeping.

I'm going to try to get her to bed now! Good night to all bears and not-a-bears!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Not much new to report here. Mommy is STILL sick. I haven't seen her this bad in a long time. I'm trying my best to make her feel better.

Less than two weeks until we go up north for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to meet Charlie. Mommy says she is going to try to get Uncle Jon and Aunt Terri to let us stay there a night, so mommy can spend more time with Charlie before we come back home.

I sent my Christmas wish list to grandma, she told me to be a very good bear! I always am...well, most of the time.

I need to go to bed and talk mommy into going to bed too. She needs all the rest she can get!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sick humans everywhere!

I don't know grandma did it, but she got mommy sick over the phone! Now I have to take care of grandma long distance and mommy here at home! What's a bear to do? I made mommy some chicken soup, she said it didn't have a taste. I tried and it and it was yummy. *shrug*

I'm putting mommy to bed now, tucked grandma in over the phone and I'm going to try to get some sleep too, so I don't get a bad bear cold!!

It's that season, everyone. It's getting COLD. We're supposed to see some snow flurries this weekend (overnight tonight). All I have to say about that is...STANLEY, are you coming to see me soon???

Friday, November 7, 2008

To Grandma!

myspace comments

Get better really soon. Remember to take your medicine, drink lots of liquids and get plenty of rest and bear hugs from Joon!
Dr. TB

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sharing a few pictures!

Yesterday was Halloween, so I got kind of dressed up. I wore my Harry Potter wizard hat and a t-shirt that says, "I love my Mummy", with a picture of a "Mummy" (not to be confused with the kind like Bob's "Mummy").
Today we got a package in the mail from Bob and his Mummy! Some yummy Hobnobs, Cadbury chocolates, puzzle books (for mommy), a very nice card and even a bear pen. Mommy collects pens, like this one that looks like me!

Thanks again to Helena (Bob's Mummy's name) and Bob! I'm a happy bear now. :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I haven't had anything to say lately. I am a very sad bear. :(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Uh oh

Mommy is sick, again. I need to issue tissues and go make some soup! I had a few good days of rest, now I'm ready to be a Superstar again!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy as a...BEAR!

Woah, it's been awhile since I posted! I've been a busy bear. The trip up north was fun. I didn't get to see the new baby, but mommy showed me pictures and says I'll get to meet him at Thanksgiving!

It's been a rough couple of weeks for mommy. Some of her friends are having a lot of problems and poor mommy tries to take all those on, plus her own. I know she likes taking care of people, but I have to remind her, she needs to take care of herself first. I have been doing my best to take care of her, but fall and winter are the hardest months. I can't get her to do anything! I try to drag her out of bed, but I'm just too little and not strong enough.

Grandma is off in hot Arizona! She'll be back Saturday (a two week vacation)! We miss her a lot. She told me on the phone, she's been reading my blog. So, hi Grandma! I miss you. I can't wait to see you again soon! I love you!

Mommy wants to go do the dishes, I'll supervise. Then she says I can take a nap, while she takes a shower, then she'll join me for the nap.

Friday, October 10, 2008

And here we again!

Me and Mommy are going up north tomorrow for a quick little visit. Uncle Jon and Aunt Terri had their baby yesterday. I'm a big cousin to a not-a-bear now! We're taking the train tomorrow and coming back Monday. Mommy is so excited to be an Aunt for the first time to a not-a-bear, she says she loves all her bear nieces and nephews, though! Which reminds me...Zach has been here for FOREVER. I think he secretly moved in!

In other news, Mommy says we won't be seeing Lindsey anymore. I'm really sad about that and I can tell Mommy is too, but Mommy said that Lindsey has some problems that Mommy (and me) can't fix and it's too much for her (and me) to try to handle. I don't like seeing my Mommy so sad, but I didn't like seeing her so frustrated and overwhelmed either. Either way, I hope Lindsey has a Happy Birthday Sunday.

Uh oh, Mommy is eating these peach ring gummy candies and told me to take them away from her, because she can't stop eating them. They are good! Yum. I'm off to go hide the candies. I'll post when we are back from our trip!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ahhhh! Grandma has been here since Friday night and her and Mommy have been soooooo busy. Right now Grandma is vacuuming. It's scaring the kitties, but not me! I'm brave. It has been fun being with Grandma, she gets me ready for bed every night and dresses me for my day. Today I'm wearing my Cubs shirt (boo) and jeans.

Zach is still here sleepin over. We were reading and last night we had fun trying to get my Grandma to give us cookies, eventhough it was really late at night!

Mom says she needs to take a shower, so they can go out to dinner. I'm just gonna stay home and snack on some macaroni crackers. They are so yummy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

On a mini-vacation!

Me and Mommy came to Lindsey's house to visit her. So far we have had fun! I drew Lindsey a picture and played some really fun games on her computer! There are so many bears in the house! Lindsey's roommate LOVES bears, just like mommy. I have a lot of new friends now. Andrea (the roommate) also has lots of Webkinz! I almost feel like I'm at home. There is a really big kitty here. Her name is Shadow cat. She's huge! Bigger than Mac and Mo put together!!! For real. Well, I'm getting sleepy. I brought Gram and my blanket with me! We'll be home Wednesday and then Friday, Grandma comes to visit! YAY! I can't wait to see Grandma!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

That silly Lunesta butterfly!

Today was boring! I slept the day away with mommy. She took some new medicine to make her sleep better. It made her tired and groggy today. I think I took some too, but I'm not sure. Mommy said she got a headache from it. Poor mommy. Tomorrow is Friday, Saturday Lindsey comes over. Me and mommy are both excited!

HEY GRANDMA! I love you. (I hope you are reading this)!

Mommy says tomorrow we'll be looking for a job online and we have to do the dishes and empty a few boxes. I'm here to help with whatever I can!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby I can drive YOUR car!

Today was lots of fun. Mommy had two dr's appointments, so Aunt Debbie came over to take her. I went along for the ride. It was really hot and I had a lot of sitting in the car and waiting to do, but mommy made it worth my time and sweat. I got a new red mustang car (not a real one!) and a little stuffed spiderman!
Carly went home with Aunt Debbie (her mommy), so I miss her! At least I have my new toys to play with!
I got to drive today! Aunt Debbie helped a little, but I'm a really good driver! Okay, so I turned on the windshield wipers by accident...but I can drive! I did it once before too in Granny Millie's car. I even have a picture somewhere. Mommy says she'll help me find it and then we can put it on my blog.
Well, mommy got some new medicine to make feel better. So, we'll be going to sleep soon (if everything works). Good night all bears and not-a-bears!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been sleepin and takin care of mommy a lot the last few days. Mommy has a new friend named Lindsey. She's nice. We get along nicely. Mommy has been sad, she is missing a lot of people. (My first daddy that passed away and Auntie Robin, she also passed away). Mommy says she feels empty. I'm not really sure what that means. If I was empty, I'd have no stuffing and just be all floppy. I don't want to think what mommy would look like all floppy! I wish I could help her to feel better and not "empty".
Pretty soon, Grandma is going to come visit us! All on her own, without Uncle Matty. It will be fun! Mommy also told me that soon I will have a little cousin. It's going to be a boy. YAY!
Time to go eat some breakfast and then mommy wants me to help with laundry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I find a better superstar layout! Blue, I like blue!

I'm baaaaack!

Me and mommy got back Monday night from visiting Grandma. It was a fun trip, except for all the rain and flooding! I like spending time at Grandma's. She always has such yummy food! Plus me and Mommy get our own room there. Grandma got me a new bear, I wanted to name him "Grandma", but Mommy said that was a silly name for a boy bear, so I settled for "Gram". Heheh. Grandma also gave me a nice warm and cuddly blanket that had been made by Mommy's Aunt Betty.
Aunt Debbie came by today and dropped off Carly for a sleepover. We took some pictures. I had a BIG surprise from Aunt Debbie when I came home from Grandma's! A GIANT Elmo....I find it fun to ride on his back...
I'm tired and Mommy has a headache. I've been trying to take care of her the best I can! It's just a bad time of year for her allergies and depression. Looks like I'll be a busy bear for the next few months!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little update

I was looking at blog layouts with mommy and I liked this one with the stars (since I'm a superstar)! I'm still not shur about the purpell, it's a little girly. I'll have to see if I can get usid to it. Not much new hear. Scrappy is hear fore a sleepovr. I can tell mommy is nirvous tonight. It's a weak now sins she went to the hospidal. I'll be givng her xtra hugs tonygt.

Monday, September 1, 2008



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look at me!

I drew this picther of myself and furgot about clothes, so mommy told me to put some on...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehey yippppeeee!

Mommy got the job. Lots of toys for me. Mommy said no, she has bills to pay. Boo! I want toys!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi Grandma!

This post is just for you! The "plan" is back on :-) Mommy got the hiccups, so I'm going to tuck her back in now!

I love you to the moon and back!

Note to my blog frends

If it seams like I've bin making lots of mistakes in my moore resent posts and coments, that is cuz Mommy is letting me type by myself. I used to tell her whut I wantid to say and she wuld type it up, but she wants me to lurn. I'm pretty good with most wurds, but others are hard for me. I don't undurstand why some words arenut spelled just like they sound? The longur the wurd, the more cunfusing it is for me. If it's a really hard wurd, I ask Mommy to help me.


I got my silver medul award today. Mommy took my picther for all to see. I'm going to put some stuff in my pensil case. Can't tell what though! Thanks again, Bob (and Bob's mummy). Mommy said we have to frame the certificet and hang it in a very speshul place.
In other news, Mommy has an intervue tomorrow. At Toys 'R' Us...heheh! I hope she gets it, then maybe she can get a discount on the new Elmo I want for Christmas!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The party!

We had lots of fun! We ate pizza, "cake", Scrappy opened his presents (I think he liked my mommy's best)! We played a new game Scrappy got and then some "Go Fish". Aunt Debbie took more pictures, but here is my favorite of the birthday bear!

Happy Bearthday Scrappy (it's actually tomorrow). You are the bestest bear buddy ever. I'm glad you had fun at your party.

Look at all Scrappy's presents!!!

TB the rain dancer says....


Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yay! Tomorrow we have a bearthday party for Scrappy! I don't want to give away any of the surprizes, so I'll just say it's going to be lots of fun for bears and not-a-bears!!!

It's rainy here and warm.

Guess who is going to roll around in clean sheets?!?! That's right! ME!

Good night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy bear

Been busy helping mommy to get over her sinus infection and lots of other stuff. We are both tired, so going to bed now. Just wanted to check into blog land!

Bob, if you see this, hope you are having a beary fun holiday!

Aunt Debbie, you need to set your blog so we can comment.

Grandma, I love you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


"Team TB" placed 2nd (silver medul) in the synchronyzed syttin' competion! I'm beary suprised. All the entries were so good. Thanks, Bob (and Judge, Mr. Grunter). It was fun just to paricipate in dis event. :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Synchronized Bear (and not-a-bear) sitting!

Hey Bob! We tried to include the whole family, but our couch is too small. If we can find a better place to sit, mommy will take another picture later! Here we are for now!
(left to right: Hello Kitty, "Bob Twin", TB, MinMin, Rainbow Peace and Mr. Beasley...and up top is our supervisor, Tara)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm mommy has to take care of me. Look at the silly cat on the right of me. I guess he's trying to help me feel better too. Thanks Mac!

Time to get back to bed. If mommy finds me awake, she'll be mad!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We all breathe a sigh of relief!

Grandma is okay, no cancer! Positive thoughts! I'm doing a happy dance. Now maybe mommy can relax! (Me too)!

I'll write more later, I'm going to cuddle mommy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I finally have a picture of the yummy brownie Grandma brought me last week. I wish I could eat it again. Aunt Debbie will be over soon. I miss her a lot. Zach has been sleeping over most of the week. We've had lots of fun. Sleepovers are great. Mommy says I have to get off the computer for now. I'll be back later!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm a happy bear!

I saw my mommy smile tonight. It made me smile! We were watching a B-52's concert online. I wish I could take mommy to see them live, but I don't have enough bear money. It was fun singing and shaking our butts together!


It's been a few days since I've blogged. I've been a very busy bear. Tuesday we spent the night at Aunt Debbie's house. We had so much fun. Of course, I always get some goodies when I'm with Aunt Debbie. I got a new tank top with a lizard that reminds me of Harvey on it, some Elmo stickers and this bear that reminds me of Bob. Mommy says he's the wrong color and doesn't have a flag on is nose...but I like to call him my "Bob twin".
Then Aunt Debbie brought out my girl, Rainbow Peace. We were re-united and then married after 6 years! She is now living with us :D I love her soooooo much. Here we are. Did I mention she is a bunny? My honey bunny! Zach is here for a sleepover. We have been watching this really creepy movie, "The Mist" today. I hope we don't have nightmares. Mommy said it's okay, since we'll all be in bed together anyway...we can keep each other brave!

Mommy is doing a little better, she has had some good advice and support. Plus, I'm always there for her! She wanted me to say thank you to everyone who wished her well.

I'm going to find some cookies to share with Zach and my girl.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dancing Queen!

Not all that much to report. It's really hot here. Mommy says she's melting!

The visit with Grandma was great! She brought Joon (bear) to see me. I missed her a lot! Grandma also brought me a chocolate peanut butter brownie in the shape of a bear. It was yummy!!!!

Mommy is going through a really rough time. I'm being a supportive bear. Giving her lots of hugs and cuddles.

I thought everybody should know this, I love ABBA! I've been shaking my booty all day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woo hooo! Yay! Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!

Grandma is coming to visit today. I am very excited. I can't wait to see her. I drew her this picture....
...and yes I'm wearing clothes under there!!!

I'll write more after the visit!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well, look at my glasses. Don't I look smart?

It's been a long day. Very busy! Mommy was out all day. She brought me home lots of nice gifts. I got a big Elmo, some new clothes and a brand new bear friend, Mr. Beasley. He's a very big bear!!! I'll post a picture of him tomorrow. Mommy also got me some new animal flash cards and a new book...both great for playing "Bear/Not-a-Bear"!

Grandma is coming to visit on Saturday. I can't wait to see her! I'll be able to see her even better with my glasses on!

I need to make sure mommy gets to bed, she has to work tomorrow...4:30-10:30pm!

Good night everyone!

Scrappy takes over!

Hey there! It's Scrappy. I took over the computer. I am finally going home tomorrow! I will miss Aunt Amy and TB (and Mac and Mo, the cats). I've had lots of fun here. I want to come back. I miss my mommy and family, though. TB wants me to stay here forever! Heheheh. I feel so loved.

Hey Mama, don't forget to come and get me tomorrow. We're going to WalMart!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a nice little blog

Things are much better today. Mommy rested a lot and she seems to be feeling a lot better. I think I had a lot to do with that!

I can't wait to go to bed tonight, mommy put clean sheets on the bed. I love to roll around on clean sheets! Mommy says she always catches me sniffing the sheets to check if they are clean.

We had a big storm tonight. The thunder shook the whole building. I was trying to be brave, but I did get a little scared. I had to act like I was looking for something under the bed and then I hid and shook a little bit.

I added a link to my Flickr pictures. Plus there is a slideshow at the bottom of my blog.

Hi to Chewy, thanks for the hello and well wishes for mommy!

Hey Bob, I assume you are off froliking in pants. Not that I blame you, if we had some extra clean ones around, I'd be doing the same. Tell your mummy hi from my mommy :)

Aunt Debbie, I put Scrappy in some of my clothes. He was starting to stink! Icky. Are you still coming tomorrow???

I think that's all for now. If you stop by for a visit, leave a comment. I'm a friendly bear, I won't bite! (Unless you are made of pizza)!


Mommy gave me quite a scare tonight. She went off to the bathroom and never came back. I thought I heard a thump, but I thought it was one of those silly cats. Then these guys were in our apartment and they took mommy away. She's back now. Phew. She told me she fainted outside the bathroom! I was so worried. The dr. at the hospital said it's probably stress related and just a fainting spell, but she needs to follow up with a dr. (Not me).

Mommy is going to have to miss another day of work. She has paperwork from the hospital to show her work.

We are all tired here. Mommy needs to sleep, I need to cuddle and kitties need to calm down. All the events of the night scared them too! They just won't calm down.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. TB's Rain Dance

My poor mommy just isn't getting better. She has to go to work tomorrow. I'm worried about her. I told her to go to bed NOW!

I've been doing the rain dance for daddy since last night. I don't know if it worked were he lives. I'm not used to making it rain so far away. I was dancing my bear butt off! Hopefully, if it didn't rain there today, it will tomorrow. I know he's hot and it's hard for him to work outside (he works at a car wash). It's only going to get hotter later this week, I guess mommy was right, summer isn't over.

Other than that, I'm just being Dr. TB. Giving out medicine and holding the tissue box. All this dancing and taking care of mommy keeps me a very busy bear!

Scrappy is STILL here. *giggle* I don't think he'll ever go home. I love having him around, I think he's going to have to move in with me and mommy! ;) (to Aunt Debbie).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We bear-napped him!

Didn't do much today. Tried to make mommy feel better. Grandma didn't come 'cuz she didn't want to get mommy's germs. Blah! I wanted to see Grandma, she was going to bring me bear cookies. Mommy has to work tomorrow, so she better be feeling better fast!

It's raining out now. We really need it, it's been hot and dry. The last few days it cooled off a bit. I thought summer was over, but mommy said no.

Scrappy is still here (extended sleepover). We've been playing lots of games and generally driving mommy crazy. Heheh. Maybe that's why mommy got so sick??? Can't keep up with us!

Mommy said we have to go to bed. That means she wants to go. I'll try to get on tomorrow and post more about the weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just starting out here

I'm TB...also known as TB Superstar! I'm an 8 year old bear from the US. I have had a rough life, moving around with my mommy, but recently we settled down in this place called, Blooming-town. I like it here.

I've been blogging for awhile, but I always used LJ. I thought it was time for a change. Learning new things is always good to keep a bear mind strong!

I have a great mommy, the best ever aunt and wonderful cousins. I keep in touch with my daddy, he lives almost 3 hours from me. I've even met some bear friends along the way. I am very lucky!

I'm looking forward to posting on here and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll make some more friends!